Academic Calendar 

Now Accepting Applications for the Fall Term

Students are admitted throughout the year for admission into one of three semesters (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Each semester two courses are offered, with students focusing intensively on one course at a time – a total of 7 weeks for each course. An academic calendar for the first year follows.

Admission application packets are accepted on a rolling basis. A decision will be recommended by the Review Committee within 1 week from submission.

  • Completed Application Deadline – August 1, 2023
  • Registration Deadline – August 14, 2023  
  • First Course Start Date – September 4, 2023 
  • First Course End Date – October 23, 2023
  • Second Course Start Date – October 23, 2023 
  • Second Course End Date – December 11, 2023

 Course Schedule

Most of our master’s degree programs can be completed in 5 semesters (20 months). Coursework is taken year-round during 14-week semesters. Each 14-week semester consists of two courses running for seven weeks each back to back, allowing you to focus on one course at a time.

*Please note and follow the different academic calendar program.

  • Completed Application Deadline – December 1, 2023
  • Registration Deadline – December 13, 2023
  • Financial Aid Requirements Due – December 13, 2023
  • First Course Start Date – January 11, 2024
  • First Course End Date – February 28, 2023
  • Second Course Start Date – March 1, 2023
  • Second Course End Date – April 18, 2023


Now it’s time to select the program that you intend to apply for. Available degree programs are categorized by the school or academic unit that offers the program. Don’t worry – if you don’t know the school, you can use the search bar toward the top of the page. Be sure to select the program with the correct start term and start year when choosing your application. Spring terms start in January, Summer terms start in May, and Fall terms start in September.