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Engineering, Computer Organization, Humanities & Optimization ​(ECOHO) Technical College mission is to make the high-tech ​industry more diverse by preparing and equipping Blacks, ​Latinos, and other People of Color (BLOPOC) with the necessary ​skills and knowledge to compete and succeed in this field.

ECOHO offers students a virtual didactic online and hands-on ​learning experience, based on self-paced studies, and serves the ​needs of each student.

Our efforts go a step further, by supporting the students and their ​families during a crisis, and by cultivating relationships with ​businesses and venture capitalists, such as Benchmark, Greylock, ​and Kleiner Perkins, to fund the future of our students while ​closing the gaps in this field.

The racial wealth gap is a big contributor to this lack of economic mobility between generations. When it comes to the racial wealth gap, white families have a net ​worth that is on average ten times greater than that of a Black family. In Washington, D.C., white households have a net worth 81 times higher than Black households.

Young adult poverty rates today are the highest of any age group and approximately one in five young people ages 18 to 24 live below the poverty line in the U.S. ​Young adult poverty has risen significantly over the past few decades, and according to a recent report from The Pew Charitable Trusts, people who live in low-income ​neighborhoods have fewer resources, lower-quality schools, more health and environmental hazards, and less upward mobility.

ECOHO addresses the social concerns and issues faced by studnts of our institution.

ECOHO’s social services includes:

  • Eliminating racist policies and practices and promoting racial equity
  • The social services safety net and basic needs like food and housing
  • Inequality of income and opportunity
  • Helping low-income Ohioans move out of poverty
  • Behavioral health services for those with mental illness or substance use disorders
  • Economic development, job training, and employment