Our Curriculum Overview

People and Technology: Creating Opportunities

Engineering, Computer Organization, Humanities & Optimization (ECOHO), a 501c3 Nonprofit Technical College and ​Learning Hub dedicated to closing the gap that exists in the High-Tech Industry! We offer beginning and advanced education in ​Engineering and Computer Engineering to young adults ages 16-25 years in low-income and impoverished neighborhoods and ​communities. In an effort to create opportunities for successful graduates of ECOHO, we network and collaborate with top industries in ​the field of CyberSecurity, Programming, Aerospace, Aircraft Engineers, Civil Engineering, and Field Engineering, just to name a few to ​create a “Fair Playing Field” for our graduates. In addition, we’ve partnered with Social Enterprise Foundation, Corporation, a social ​service organization to provide emergency services for our students and their families to prevent major crises. The services and ​programs serve as a “Safety-Net” for poor and disadvantaged students and their families in rural towns and communities in Arizona.


IT Certificate Prep

Our IT Certificate course trains students to support networks, software applications, computers, and other processes used in the storage, security and transmission of information. Students learn how to be anything from IT specialists to Database Admins.

Cyber Security

ECOHO's Cybersecurity Associate Certificate trains on security basics. This course will introduce students to the foundational knowledge required to pass the DEVASC exam by focusing on skill -based technical training - no exam topic cramming.

Computer /Software Engineering

Learn everything from Electronics, Circus Analysis, Signal Processing, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Robotics, and Computer Architecture. The are even courses in modern programming languages such as Python and Java.